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The Great Rise of Corporates for Startup Financing with a Value-add

Last week, my colleague Dominique Megret (Head of Swisscom Ventures) was invited to kick off the Global Corporate Venturing & Innovation Summit in Sonoma Valley in California – the corporate venturing industry’s annual get-together. As chairman of the event, Dominique shared some… Continue Reading →

Start-ups: Is a 300-kilometre expansion in two years enough? Silicon Valley vs. Switzerland

Last summer, I was a member of the jury for a business plan competition. During the preparations, I came across a business plan that demonstrates really well how differently the topic of “growth” is approached in Switzerland and Silicon Valley: The… Continue Reading →

The Seed Round Guide (III/III): Why Silicon Valley May Not Be Your Best Option

A couple of months ago, I was coaching a seasoned entrepreneur who had developed a piece of software that is relevant to operating IT clouds. This software definitely addresses a global market and will most likely have much greater growth… Continue Reading →

The Seed Round Guide (II/III): Finding & Leveraging a Lead Investor

Are all investors made equal? There are two types of investors: Lead investors and co-investors. Understanding this difference is fundamental when structuring an investment round to avoid unnecessary circles or risk the completion of the successful round altogether. So, what… Continue Reading →

The Seed Round Guide (I/III): Is Big Always Better Than Small?

In my role as an early stage investor, I meet many startups in the seed stage and I would like to share my view: What is the best amount of money to ask from investors? Which valuation makes it likely… Continue Reading →

10 great things I saw (not) at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco this week

Have you ever been to TechCrunch Disrupt? For me, until a couple of days ago, it was a nearly mythological place where the best startups of this planet present themselves in an exhibition and compete in the so-called Startup Battlefield… Continue Reading →

“Entrepreneurship is the new management consulting” – 18 months with Rocket Internet in Nigeria

A colleague of mine from my Swisscom days in strategy about 1.5 years ago decided that he what he wanted was to become an entrepreneur, go on an adventure and change the world. After a couple of weeks of traveling to places like Berlin,… Continue Reading →

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