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Seed Capital

The Seed Round Guide (III/III): Why Silicon Valley May Not Be Your Best Option

A couple of months ago, I was coaching a seasoned entrepreneur who had developed a piece of software that is relevant to operating IT clouds. This software definitely addresses a global market and will most likely have much greater growth… Continue Reading →

The Seed Round Guide (II/III): Finding & Leveraging a Lead Investor

Are all investors made equal? There are two types of investors: Lead investors and co-investors. Understanding this difference is fundamental when structuring an investment round to avoid unnecessary circles or risk the completion of the successful round altogether. So, what… Continue Reading →

The Seed Round Guide (I/III): Is Big Always Better Than Small?

In my role as an early stage investor, I meet many startups in the seed stage and I would like to share my view: What is the best amount of money to ask from investors? Which valuation makes it likely… Continue Reading →

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